Inspired Idea: Mason Jars

These popular down-home containers can be filled with many things at events.

Mason jars add instant rustic appeal to any beverage service. But these containers have multiple uses beyond serving as drinking glasses. See how you can incorporate them into your next event for laid-back, down-home decor.

Put Food on Display

Fill mason jars with aesthetically pleasing foods — be they colorful vegetables or vibrant fruits — to create an eye-catching buffet display. Layer contents for an artistic effect, with dressing on the bottom to prevent other ingredients from getting soggy. Added bonus: These containers make it easy for guests to enjoy healthy fare while mingling around a room.





Create-Your-Own Dessert

Provide meeting participants with an opportunity to make their own artistic desserts as a fun break during the day. Mason jars are large enough to hold a variety of treats, from cake to custard to popcorn. Create stations for multiple ingredients, and let guests’ imaginations run wild with possibilities.   






Decorative Touches

Mason jars can also double as centerpiece containers in place of more traditional options, such as vases. Add seasonal blossoms for colorful accents, or enhance the country appeal of these jars with equally understated choices, such as sunflowers or hydrangeas