Inspired Idea: Nontraditional Dining Spaces

Allow attendees to explore a variety of event spaces to heighten their experience.

Ballrooms offer versatile options for myriad setups and themes, but sometimes events call for something a little less traditional to break up the day’s activities or get attendees outside their comfort zone for a while. Consider these types of arrangements for your next event to provide a unique experience that guests are sure to enjoy.

Behind the Scenes

Let attendees experience the kitchen environment firsthand by hosting an event directly in the kitchen. This is a great opportunity to showcase culinary arts and allow guests to see the teamwork and preparation required to put out a great meal.







Al Fresco Dining

Sometimes a little fresh air is just what attendees need after a day chock full of events. Spread out across a garden or courtyard to let guests reconnect with the outdoors and relax in a more open setting.







City Views

Turn a rooftop into an instant sightseeing experience with a picnic lunch that offers ample sightlines across an urban landscape. Fun accents, such as country-style linens and hay bales, can enhance the picnic environment.







Urban Environment

Even if you don’t have a sprawling metropolis for attendees to view, you can recreate a street vibe in outdoor spaces, like this colorful courtyard setup. Vendor carts make it easy for attendees to grab food on the go as well.