Inspired Idea: Sports-Themed Events

Play Ball! These sports-themed ideas will give attendees a competitive edge

Sports provide the perfect backdrop for numerous meeting components, including strategy, teamwork and goals. Use sports-inspired decorations and food options to invoke feelings of team building, camaraderie and friendly competition for your next event. Tie the theme around a specific event—the Super Bowl, happening next month, the World Series, the World Cup, the Olympics—or around a favorite seasonal sport, like skiing or football. 

Get your team members pumped to produce winning results with these inspiring and sporty ideas, based on our Inspiration Gallery.

Lay the Field 

An elegant (and understated) décor option is to dress the space up like a field—AstroTurf or rugs can resemble a soccer (or football) field. Add some white tape, balls and goals, and the stage is set for an unforgettable event. 

Creative Food Displays

Whether it’s using equipment-inspired shapes for food displays or incorporating actual equipment designs into foodstuffs themselves, table arrangements can make a big impact when creating a sports-inspired atmosphere. Small stripes or stamps can easily be added to rounded menu items, such as buns, melon balls or cookies, to create soccer, basketball or baseball designs.

Thematic Equipment

Use appropriate equipment to infuse any display with a sports theme. Cricket bats, helmets and pads make attendees feel like they’re in the locker room. 

Product Placement

If you’re using a sports theme to promote a particular product, make sure attendees have the opportunity to test it out themselves. Games can also be a great way to add lively competition and provide attendees with an invigorating break.

Branded Cupcakes

Cupcakes or other treats with the insignias of the big game’s competing teams show an attention to detail, and provide a fun conversation starter during mixers and happy hours.

Inspired Centerpieces 

Designate tables with league or team logos. Vases with miniature basketballs and footballs, bespoke signs, and tinsel wire all make for simple but elegant centerpieces.