Interior Design Trends: What’s on Tap for 2018

Our favorite décor crazes for the coming year––and how to incorporate them into your event

Savvy planners don’t just stay aware of trends; they stay ahead of them. Luckily, we’ve done the bulk of that forecasting––at least in regard to décor––for you. With inspiration from Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman at this year’s International Home + Housewares Show, we highlight our favorite design themes slated to make considerable headway in 2018––and how to incorporate them into your event. 

Geometric Patterns

Ideal Meeting Type: Plan or Decide

How to Use It: Geometric patterns in wallpaper, tablecloths and lighting fixtures have slowly but surely grown in popularity over the past two years, and the math-inspired trend is poised to be one of the biggest interior décor looks in 2018. As a blog from infographic and presentation creator Visme highlighted, geometric squares, circles and triangles are some of the first shapes we learn in school. Their instant familiarity makes them eye-catching but not disruptive. Incorporate geometric patterns into a get-down-to-business Plan meeting to ensure organic patterns aren’t distracting attendees from the initiative at hand.


Ideal Meeting Type: Any

How to Use It: When it comes to signage, how a word is written (i.e., its font, size and style) is almost as important as what the word is in the first place. As a blog from HubSpot highlighted, fonts inherently trigger feelings with readers––a tool that you as an event planner can tap into when organizing signage for your event. For a social Celebrate or Network event, consider opting for fun fonts with seamless lines (think: Gigi or Kristen in Microsoft Word, for example). Planning a more serious Decide or Ideate meeting? Simple, easy-to-read fonts (such as Arial, Cambria and Georgia) will be your best bet. 


Ideal Meeting Type: Educate 

How to Use It: Reminiscent of retro, ’70s-inspired décor, wood is making a major comeback in 2018––and it’s the perfect accent for an organic, nature-inspired event. Feng shui even considers accents of wood to be helpful in fueling personal growth and health, making the theme ideal for an Educate event. 


Ideal Meeting Type: Celebrate 

How to Use It: Metals such as gold, silver, copper, steel and bronze will probably always be a popular décor choice, but they’re set to become more luminescent in the next year. Whether it’s polished nickel, industrial silver or shiny bronze, metallic décor’s loud, celebratory nature is ideal for a roaring Celebrate event. 

“Tech” Colors

Ideal Meeting Type: Any

How to Use It: From blushing millennial pink to Pantone’s muted “Color of the Year” in 2017, Greenery, colors this past year were particularly understated. As 2018 rolls around, however, those shades will become a bit less shy, with bold colors inspired by Silicon Valley (bright blue, green, fuchsia, purple, hot pink and frosted almond) set to dominate the décor scene. “Intense colors seem to be a natural application of our intense lifestyles and thought processes these days,” Eiseman was quoted saying at the International Home + Housewares Show

As we’ve noted before, color can have a considerable impact on your attendees’ state of mind––so be sure to match the hue of your event to the emotion your team wants to elicit. For example, blue (a calming color) is ideal for an idea-intensive Ideate meeting, while yellow encourages socializing in a chat-heavy Network event.