Internationally Inspired

Sweet desserts to please a crowd

We confess that it would be beyond difficult to turn down a brownie sundae, and of course we’re big fans of that American classic, apple pie. But changing up your dessert selection is as simple as thinking outside the box—outside the borders, that is. Give your event an air of international with these five desserts. 

Mexico’s Tres Leches Cake

A Mexican menu staple, tres leches cake is a creamy sponge cake made with evaporated milk, condensed milk and cream (tres leches = three milks). This dessert is seriously sweet, so those with a fondness for the sugary stuff will be wholly pleased. Consider serving it cut up in tiny slices to give guests a small, grab-and-go taste. 

Spain’s Churro Craze

Who doesn’t love a good churro? Originally thought to have come from Spain, these deep-fried sticks of cinnamon-dusted deliciousness will be a hit, guaranteed. Serve in mini versions and with an assortment of dipping sauces, or present in grab-and-go containers such as this one pictured.  

Crème de la Crème (Brûlée) 

A rich, creamy custard topped with a layer of hard, crunch caramel, the crème brûlée is an American favorite, though it originates from France. Serve it in mini versions paired with macarons for a delightfully Parisian affair.   

Turkish Baklava 

Originating in Turkey, baklava is comprised of layers of phyllo dough and chopped nuts, held together with syrup or honey. The little squares are pleasantly filling, so serve small—we’d suggest incorporating them into your lunch menu with coffee for a sweet, energizing conclusion before heading back to work. 

Gelato Goodness

This isn’t any ordinary ice cream. Italy’s gelato, with its soft, pleasing texture, comes in a wide variety of flavors and complements other desserts divinely. Use it to top tarts or cakes, or present a number of flavors for guests to enjoy (and enjoy, they will).