Intuitive Tools for Collaborative Notes

Introduce attendees to a new way of note taking. Say goodbye to the dedicated scribe and hello to collaboration.

Having one person responsible for capturing every note, idea, and scribble on a sticky note is just plain inefficient.

Encourage meeting attendees, who are already working toward the same goal or solution, to use collaborative working documents for effective note taking.

With collaborative note-taking technology, all attendees can add notes, ideas, bullet points, and photos of drawings or whiteboard scribbles—which makes the notes more comprehensive and interactive. Also, accessing complete notes after the meeting is as simple as the swipe of a finger.

Tools for Document Sharing and Collaborative Note Taking

WorkFlowy: An online organizational tool based on lists, WorkFlowy helps individuals plan, brainstorm, take collaborative notes and add ideas. Share any list made on WorkFlowy via private link or email. WorkFlowy is also available as an app for iOS, Android and Chrome.

Google Drive: Google’s free word processor allows users to easily create documents, presentations and spreadsheets. All of these document types can be shared with and edited by other users—making simultaneous note taking and brainstorming a seamless effort. Google Drive is also available for iOS, Android and Chrome.

Simplenote: This tool lets you make lists, stay organized and brainstorm efficiently with colleagues. Got a lot of lists? Simplenote’s search feature allows you to type in what you’re looking for, and a list will populate automatically. Back up information and share notes on the web, iOS and Android.

Hackpad: When a collaborator edits or adds information in Hackpad, the comment is marked with the author’s name—great for large-group brainstorming sessions, which may include off-site attendees. You can share any “pad” and even embed it in a website. Hackpad is available for iOS.