It’s What’s For Dinner

The new ‘it’ meats for your menu

Just as the culinary world finds innovative and exciting ways to serve up each season’s ‘it’ vegetable (think cauliflower and kale), the same can be said for meat. Most can agree that a perfectly-cooked steak will make any dinner a success, but to spice things up, there are two types of meat that you’ll want to try: Lamb and goat. Popular in ethnic cuisine but also making waves on both the West and East coasts of the U.S., these meats will add something new to the table.

You’re probably most familiar with lamb in rack form, and that makes for an excellent option to serve either through passed canapes or as a small plate-style dish. Still, the meat isn’t limited to just that. Quite versatile, ground lamb makes for wonderfully flavorful burgers, and adds more flavor to the traditional meatball. Serve with a yogurt-based sauce for a Greek take, and don’t forget the feta cheese. If you’re feeling more adventurous, try your hand at the lamb tongue tacos—yes, really—which have reportedly been quite popular in restaurants from Brooklyn to Miami. A quick search on the internet reveals a stunningly high amount of new and unexpected ways to use the meat, each adding new tastes and textures to your dining table(s). 

You’re probably more familiar with lamb than with dining on goat, but it’s surprisingly easy to incorporate this meat into your dining options, too. Typical of Jamaican and Moroccan cuisines, goat isn’t quite as popular on the American table—but that’s about to change according to recent culinary trend predictions. Serve goat in Middle Eastern-inspired dishes, such as goat and bean pilaf, or in a Jamaican curry plate. Goat meat works well in kofte, a Greek dish rolled into cigar-shapes and grilled until golden brown. A goat stew is comforting and warm in the winter months, marinated with mild flavors like vinegar and soy sauce, and paired with simple vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and green peas. From goat pies to meatballs, there’s a long list of recipes online, and you can start here

When you plan your menus for the upcoming year, be sure to consider these “new” types of meat for your star centerpieces—you’ll bring an exotic new taste to the table, for meals they won’t soon forget.