Laugh Your Way to Success

All about injecting humor into your meetings

Certainly, at one time or another, you’ve become acquainted with the power of laughter. How it can ease stress, improve interactions, calm nerves. It’s no wonder study after study continues to show that laughter is good for you. So if you’re planning a Produce, Decide or Ideate meeting, how can you inject just the right dose of merriment to make ’em laugh? Here are some ideas. 

Break for Jokes

Humor and jokes are two different things, but if you have an innocent enough collection of funnies, they deserve to be shared. Particularly long meetings could do with a few breaks—especially if they require using a lot of brainpower—so loosen up your group with some jokes. Attendees can tell (G-rated) jokes they know, you could get some from a book, or—and this is perhaps the most interactive of options—do some ad-libs with the team. Nothing gets people roaring with laughter more than ad-libbing!  

Keynote Comedian

Whether you need an actual keynote speaker or someone to come in and help with the task at hand, hire someone who specializes in keeping things light. But before you hold auditions for Chris Rock, remember that it’s not all about making them laugh—though doing business with a side of humor will definitely help your results. 

Just Laugh

Bear with us, here. It’s been proven that forced laughter can, in fact, help people to reduce workplace stress. Laughter Yoga, as it’s called, is a practice developed by an Indian physician that relies on the force of laughter alone—rather than jokes or comedy—to create a happy atmosphere. It is said to be a fabulous group activity that just might inspire a few real-life LOLs. 

Choose a Theme

The best way to get people feeling the good humor right away is to plan a meeting with a humorous theme. Keep your selection lighthearted, and let guests know that, though they are there to work, it’s OK to laugh. Hang funny posters in your meeting room, advise attendees to wear their silliest holiday sweaters, or put together a fun zone (think silly string and magic tricks), to name a few laughable options.