Let it Glow

Eighties-inspired décor is all the rage.

Welcome to the ’80s! Well, sort of. With the fashion, colors and culture of the ’70s and ’80s front and center, it seems only natural that these trends make their way into meeting planning, too. One of the most fun? Neon. We found some enlightening ideas from the Inspiration Gallery that will have your Celebrate or happy-hour guests raving.

Set the Bar

Fluorescent panels illuminate this bar, while a neon slinky-style centerpiece hangs above, providing a focal point for the room (and letting guests know which direction to head to grab libations). Brightly colored chairs and linens get guests excited about sitting down.

Drink It In

Colorful cocktail ingredients paired with just the right lighting gives this display an electric glow.


This room setup is a sophisticated version of the neon trend, where exquisite floral centerpieces take on the glow of the blue and pink lighting. Keep the overall setting dim, and let the glowing tables and accent lights do all the work.

Lights, Lights, Baby

When it comes to cocktails, there are two easy ways to make them glow: by using a vibrantly hued ice cube or by adjusting your exterior lighting. Try both and you’ll have a drink display that’s sure to get noticed.

Bright Breaks

From neon paint to glowing straws and fluorescent cups, you know guests are going to have a good time with supplies like these at break stations. There’s no telling what sort of creative ideas may come when you give your guests access to black-light paint.