Light the Way

Bright ideas to transform your décor

When planning the aesthetics of your event, don’t underestimate the importance of lighting. Transformative power can be harnessed with just the right choice, from the quiet magic of string lighting to the intimate luxury of a flickering candle. Low-lit rooms enhanced with a neon glow signify a party, while bright overhead lamps mean it’s time to get to work. No matter your event’s purpose, our Inspiration Gallery has something to get you headed in the right direction. Here are some of our favorites. 

Lights Up

Mystical overhead lighting lends the elegant but energetic vibe of an upscale club or lounge. A setting such as this would be perfect for a Network, Celebrate or Promote event. 

Warm Welcome

Contrasting colors—with warm orange lighting pouring from the central bar area of this setup—prove to be inviting while drawing guests into the room. Perfect for a Network event.

Bright White

Proving that not all lighting needs to be minimal to be elegant, this brightly lit room glows in an all-white theme. Warm, creamy lighting overhead, on the walls and along the tables complements the crisp setup. 

High Energy

Intricate, colorful lighting transforms an ordinary seminar setup into one that’s brimming with excitement. Try something like it for a Promote event, or an Educate meeting that will keep guests at full attention. 

Have a Ball 

Strategically placed glowing spheres light up this outdoor dining setting, keeping the tables free of extra items and saving space for the main star—the food. An extra dose of atmosphere comes from the colorfully lit trees nearby. An inspired choice no matter what your meeting’s purpose may be. 

Color Play

Choosing one (or many) colors for your lighting can evoke a theme all on its own, like this pretty in pink room with a view. The color is energetic, but soft, and contrasts beautifully with the location’s outdoor vista. 

On a String

Market lighting paired with simple paper lanterns is minimal, yet impactful, and can be done in nearly any setting, indoors or out. Capable of setting the mood for any meeting from Celebrate to Produce, the joyful twinkle of string lighting can’t be denied!