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How to do more with Facebook

Ok, so you know the importance of using social media, particularly Facebook, to post images and information about your event. But this popular channel can be used for so much more. From planning to live streaming to connecting with attendees post-event, here are ways to capitalize on the social network. 

Plan Your Event

So long as you have a Facebook page related to your business (if you don’t, set one up already!), you can plan an event right through Facebook. Whether you choose to do this informally (as a complement to formal invites) or exclusively via the social platform is up to you, but you can be sure to get the word out this way, and also encourage those who don’t already ‘like’ your page to do so. 

Tease Your Event

For those who have been invited to your upcoming event, here’s your opportunity to get them really excited. Send teasers, give them updates on what’s to come, post information about transportation and dress code. Working on the dinner menu? Entice them with behind-the-scenes photos of the dishes you’re tasting. If you’re planning well in advance, you could even get the input of your attendees on certain aspects of the event, to help them feel like they’re really a part of the process. 

Your Event, Live

Facebook Live gives you the ability to live-stream events as they’re happening, which is a fabulous opportunity for you to share the goings-on with those who couldn’t make it. You can also post photos, share status updates and communicate with others, right from your smartphone. 

Event Postmortem

Facebook can be a really great tool to reach for when you’re taking a look back at your planning successes and those that maybe weren’t such a hit. Ask guests what they loved the most about your event and what they’d like to see next year, and take a look at what they were posting during the event. This can all help you to strengthen your event planning skills in the future for even better, more memorable meetings. 

Keep In Touch

There are many ways to keep your meeting or event alive on Facebook long after it has ended. If it’s a recurring occasion, keep guests in the loop for what’s coming next year, and ask for feedback to make changes or advancements to any plans going forward. Create photo albums from events passed to generate camaraderie among your guests. This is also a great way to keep your overarching message reaching those who have attended or will attend in the future, as they probably now ‘like’ your Facebook page.