Live from Your Meeting

4 reasons you should live-stream your meeting

You’ve got your social strategy down when it comes to your meeting or event. You tweet. You’ve got an active Facebook group. You’re Instagramming the heck out of that Promote meeting. Next up? Hitting your audience live—direct from your location. Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds. And with so many options out there to live-stream your event, you can go as big or as small as you want. Here are 4 reasons you should live-stream from your next meeting or event.  

It’s Easy

Given all of the resources out there these days, live-streaming could be just as easy as having a smartphone. Whether you choose to only do snippets through Facebook Live, Periscope or any other one of the 12 apps listed here, getting in front of your audience doesn’t involve hitting a ton of obstacles. 

It Could Be a Really Big Deal

If you want to go bigger—from a presentation, especially—look into YouTube live streaming (where many big conferences and expos do it), or check with your local public television stations to record your event. 

You’ll Expand Your Reach

No matter how well you plan, and how fantastic your invites are, not everyone is going to make it to your event. Whether they’re halfway across the country or coming down with a cold, it’s a safe bet to assume that some invitees will be staying home. But if they still want to see what’s going on, live-streaming is a welcome opportunity for them to do that. Be sure to provide the details of how they can find you once you’re live.

It Could Lower Your Event Costs

Similar to expanding your reach, choosing to live-stream could give you the option of inviting fewer attendees to a physical location, and more checking in over the air. Budgeting for a smaller space means you’ll have more to spend on guest speakers, or even more to spend on your camera work. Bonus: Those live streams can be recorded, giving everyone (including you) something to look back on once the event is over. Postmortem, anyone?