Make Honorees Feel Special at Award Ceremonies

Here are some easy ways to ensure honorees and award winners have an exceptional experience at your event.

Award receptions are a good reason for organizations to gather and have a little fun, whether it’s a cocktail hour or a dinner reception. These occasions of acknowledgment and celebration should, of course, be enjoyable for all guests, but they need to be particularly special for the award winners and honorees. 

We’ve compiled a few simple ways to make the award recipients feel like true VIPs!

  • Consider the honorees when planning food and beverage menus. Take the award winners’ favorite dessert, appetizer or cocktail and incorporate it into the menu, if possible. Another way to make honorees feel special is to name the event’s signature drink after them.
  • Set up a digital display near the entrance of the reception space that features the award winners’ names and photos, as well as the name of the award they are receiving.
  • Give honorees and their guests special seats. Treat them to personal beverage service, and place a thoughtful gift at the seats of those being honored to express thanks or congratulations.
  • Create a hashtag for the award reception, and ask attendees to tweet their messages of congratulations to the award winners. Display the stream of tweets on screens placed throughout the reception area, using services like Tweetwall or TweetBeam.
  • If entertainment is on the agenda, have the comedian, speaker or musician mention the honorees by name at some point.