Make a Stellar Last Impression

First impressions are important, but so are last impressions. Make sure yours is a good one.

Most event planners are so concerned with making a good first impression that they forget about the importance of making a good last impression — as in, the last experience guests will have at your event. Leaving should be just as pleasant and enjoyable as arriving, right? Here are four ways to make a stellar last impression.

4 Ways to Make a Memorable Last Impression

- Parting entertainment. Usher guests out of an event space by having a musician in the reception or lobby space. The music — whether from a singer, acoustic guitarist, pianist or other melody maker — should be mellow and calming. Guests will see this for the cue it is and be delighted as they leave the venue.


- Art displays. If guests have to walk down a hallway to reach the exit of the venue, create an art gallery that wasn’t there when they arrived. This creates a unique experience in which each piece of art leads them closer to the door.


- Goodie bags. Send guests on their way with a “swag bag” full of trial-size products, objects branded with the event logo, snacks and other goodies. Not only will guests be excited to see what’s inside the goodie bag, the takeaways will keep your event top of mind for days to come.


- Ushers. Ushers can help guests hail a cab, retrieve their vehicles from the valet and give out-of-towners walking instructions or directions to public transportation. For those guests don’t need assistance, an usher can be a friendly face who sends them on their way with a friendly farewell and a smile.