Make Your Meeting ‘Green’—4 Tips for Sustainable Planning

These tips will help you be environmentally conscious when planning your next meeting.

Planning a meeting takes a lot of energy—and we’re not just talking sweat equity and time. It takes electricity, water, gas and other precious environmental resources.

To make your meeting a little greener, consider taking a few small steps toward sustainability with these four simple tips.


The Invitations

Invitations no longer require a stuffed envelope and a stamp. Make your invitations eco-friendly and affordable by tapping the Internet to help you invite attendees. Electronic invitations, or e-vites, can be beautiful, personalized and unique. You can also set up events pages on social media platforms and invite the appropriate people.

TIP 1: If physical invites are required, consider using post-consumer recycled paper (that’s paper made from used paper).


The Menu

When it comes to sustainable eats, local is the name of the game. Think seasonal fruits and vegetables, grass-fed beef, local cheese and organic eggs.

TIP 2: Tap into local bakeries for bread, pastries, muffins and more.


The Beverages

For drinks, consider a “signature” cocktail or mocktail that takes advantage of local, seasonal ingredients. You can also seek out local wine and beer producers and products. 

TIP 3: If there’s beverage service for the meeting, use cans of soda behind the bar. Aluminum is easily recyclable.

The Décor

Use nature to brighten your setting and centerpieces. Seek out local and seasonal flowers or plants and decorate them appropriately using burlap, ribbon and stylized vases or pots.

TIP 4: If you use plants for décor or centerpieces, arrange to plant them—or find them good homes—after the event.