Meet Your Newest Event Planning Assistant: Siri

Here are five ways the tech feature can enhance your meeting

From finding the nearest restroom in a foreign city to sending hands-free texts to our loved ones, Siri and her trademark monotone modulation have truly become permanent fixtures in our lives. 

So it would only be natural that, after years of dutiful service riding shotgun while you do your errands, Siri (and her cousins Amazon Alexa and Echo) want into your work life.

Although not exactly Knight Rider or Star Trek status yet, having artificially intelligent co-workers is certainly on the horizon––and that accounts for the event planning industry, too. From streamlining presentation slides and registration to setting the mood, here’s how to enhance your next meeting via Siri, Alexa and Echo. 

1. Ordering extra supplies ahead of time

With Alexa (Amazon’s more purchase-driven response to Apple’s Siri), it’s incredibly easy to sync your Prime account to the app, which offers standard two-day (and even same-day) delivery service with no shipping costs. From toilet paper rolls to plastic cutlery and even speakerphones, this can come in extra handy when your hands are (quite literally) full in the days leading up to your event. 

2. Managing your daily tasks

By integrating your calendar with the Alexa app, you can easily program questions for instantaneous answering. For example, “What’s my schedule like today?” can result in a full-fledged plan (updated by Alexa), helping you better manage your day. 

You can also schedule recurring alarms, just in case you need another reminder. 

3. Streamlining the registration process

For many meeting planners, registration tables can be especially headache-inducing. Cut through the lengthy lines, confusing processes and crowded tables by setting up a handful of Siri-enabled iPads at the front door with instructions on how to check in. In addition, Marriott now offers an updated mobile app that helps to personalize the hospitality experience, including the capability to check-in/out and request room upgrades entirely via the app.  

4. Setting the mood 

At first, Alexa could only dim lights or turn them off and on. Recently, however, the software expanded, allowing users to swap the color of bulbs with a simple voice command. Alexa can also understand more than 100 color and shade capabilities, making the possibilities for your mood-setting techniques virtually endless. 

5. Ensuring a quick-moving presentation

Ever sat through the first minutes of a meeting twiddling your thumbs as the presenter attempts to organize a PowerPoint deck? Yeah, us too––which makes Siri an ideal companion for visual demonstrations. From starting at the right time (every time) to moving slide to slide with a few keywords, a smoother presentation is just a robot away.