Millennial Pink: 5 Ways to Incorporate 2017’s Sweetest Hue Into Your Event Décor

Pantone may have picked green, but we can’t stop buzzing about this blushing shade

Statistically speaking, millennials are a curious bunch. Now, to add to the unique ways they communicate, make decisions and digest information, there’s another tidbit specific to Gen Y: the group’s newly appointed official color, aptly dubbed millennial pink. A warm, muted mix of salmon, peach and blush, the color has been around for a while but gained steam this year with a slew of designers, artists and celebrities incorporating it into their product and marketing channels. (Scientists even claim that variations of this rosy hue reduce aggression and appetite.) 

And, like millennials themselves, this pink is a bit hard to pin down. It’s definitely not in-your-face ’90s Barbie pink, but it’s not a sickly sweet baby pink, either. It’s serious yet cheeky. Nostalgic yet fresh. Feminine yet androgynous. 

Whatever millennial pink is, however, we can probably all agree: It’s poignantly pretty––and has the potential to inspire the perfect décor or culinary presentation for your next event. 

A New Classic

Give classic reception décor like silver tableware, crystal glasses and ivory chairs a modern twist by incorporating millennial pink flowers and tablecloths into table settings. Too much pink? Remove the tablecloth and stick to simply soft pink petals at the center.  

(Almost) Too Sweet to Eat 

While slathering on thick pink buttercream frosting is a surefire way to get your cupcake display noticed, it’s all too easy to forget about the linings. Choose parchment in a blushing hue to complement the delicate frosting designs. 

Tied with a Bow 

Although millennial pink is a fairly new addition to the palette of popular meeting and event colors, large, hand-tied bows (like the ones here) are timeless. Wrap them behind attendees’ seats for a sweet, eye-catching effect. 

A Sweet Smoothie Idea

Of course, not all pink treats you serve up at your meeting need to be sugar-saturated or doused in dye. Some, like these naturally colored fruit smoothies, offer up a slew of health benefits, too—not to mention the cute, crafty labeling. 

Cotton Candy Showers

Why choose rosé or pink-flavored champagne for guests when you can top bubbly with puffs of yummy, blush-colored cotton candy instead?