Mine Your Social Network

We share pointers on how you can embrace social media as part of your meeting.

You know they’re going to do it anyway. Your meeting attendees will find the time to check Facebook, post something on Instagram, and perhaps even catch up on their favorite tweets at some point during your meeting or event. So how do you make all the social activity work to your advantage?

There are several ways that you can embrace social media to make your meeting a richer, more memorable experience. Here are just a few suggestions to get social:

Define a Hashtag

The use of a designated hashtag can really help get the word out—particularly if you’re throwing a Promote meeting (although it’s definitely not limited to that purpose). And not only that, but it’s also a great way for you to review the outcome of your meeting during your postmortem.

Once you choose the hashtag you’d like to use to represent your event, be sure to display it prominently throughout your venue. Encourage guests to include the tag when posting photos to Instagram, sending relevant tweets from the meeting (for example, when quoting a presentation), and so on. You’ll keep the momentum going long after the meeting closes, and you will get to see the experience through your attendees’ eyes.

Make It a Contest

If you want to inspire your attendees to take part in social media along with you, why not throw some games into the mix? If you’re in a trade show setting, try your hand at a scavenger hunt and have entrants submit their findings through Instagram or Twitter.

If you’re throwing a Network event, see who can cram the most people into one photo as both an icebreaker activity and a memento. The possibilities (and prize options) are endless.

Designate the Job

If you have one attendee who has a particular flair for social media—perhaps he or she is great with words or takes the best photos—make that person your social media captain. Duties might include tweeting highlights from presentations, taking memorable photos for the company website or social accounts, or even just keeping those who couldn’t attend the event in the know by posting live updates.