Music Moves Meetings

Axel Jennewein, creative director of Musicstyling, the world’s leading sonic branding agency, on music that stimulates attendees

Music really is the soundtrack to our lives. It encourages us to create amazing images in our minds, stimulating certain thought patterns and in turn influencing outcomes through emotional feeling and connections. Music also helps to connect people to tasks, from exercising to brainstorming, reading or just relaxing. Here’s how! 

Musical Immersion

Today’s meeting attendees want to be fully immersed in environments that hotel professionals have created for them. Attendees increasingly want to direct their own experiences within these environments, and as attention spans become shorter, they want to engage with the meeting space in ways and in the time of their choosing—music can help with this. One way is with innovative smartphone technology like Musicstyling’s Discover App, which allows guests to preview tracks from your pre-approved meeting playlist and choose what they want to hear. This keeps them active and immersed before, during and after your event. 

Curated Sounds

So how do you ensure you’re choosing the right music for your event? With a world of songs and artists available online, planners can become overwhelmed by their choices and confused as to what is going to work for them. It’s not just about having the right sound, but sound that will actively stimulate, encourage and reinforce the meeting purpose. The solution is for planners to get familiar with music trends, and to connect with a professional who can ensure the meeting music is curated perfectly and optimizes each environment, atmosphere and activity. 

Trend Tracking

As far as trends go, music styles and songs in 2017 are picking up where 2016 left off—with the major trend being musicians who combine different styles and influences within one song (Jack Garratt’s song “Worry” is a great example of this). Urban music, particularly Grime, an energetic style of rap that originated in the U.K., will continue to dominate in 2017, and more strong female artists will emerge this year. Politically fueled lyrics and songs following 2016’s happenings will also start to come through. 

To get you started, here are three artists that are perfect for the modern meeting space. 

When you want your guests to chat and chill: “Melt” by Jones 

Jones uses soulful vocals set over flawlessly produced synth washes and electronic sounds. It’s fantastic background music and perfect for relaxing and talking.

When you need something energetic: “Kerala” by Bonobo

Bonobo’s music often have a dreamy quality, subtle sweeping synths and cleverly crafted percussions. It’s a nice combination of sounds—house music mixed with jazz and soul—giving energy without overstepping and being disruptive. 

When you need something upbeat and motivational: “Bad Decisions” by Two Door Cinema Club 

This is a groovy, disco-pop track with a pulsating bass line and wavering falsetto vocals. It has an ’80s influence—it’s positive, energetic and will motivate attendees.