Nighttime Decor Inspired by Vivid 2018

Bring the excitement of Vivid Sydney’s annual light and laser extravaganza to your guests with these event design ideas

Sydney may be known for its famous draws like the Opera House and Bondi Beach, but the past decade has added one more to the list: Vivid Sydney’s annual light and laser extravaganza. The show returns next month to an even bigger audience—over 2.3 million visitors trekked to Australia for the festival last year to take a peek at its eco-friendly lighting shows and public art installations. This year’s lineup ushers in another celebration of light, sound and the innovation that tethers them together.

If you can’t make it out to Sydney this year, do the next best thing and bring the excitement of Vivid Sydney to your guests with these event design ideas:

Light Up the Night 

Vivid’s eclectic light shows turn Sydney’s parks, gardens and landmarks into dazzling art displays. Transform any nighttime event into a spectacle with a light show for your audience’s viewing pleasure. If your timeline allows it, book your event near or in conjunction with a light show in your region. Important holidays—like Singapore’s National Day Parade or Hari Merdeka (Independence Day) in Indonesia—can mean huge public displays in metro cities.

To book a more personal show for your guests, collaborate with private light show companies in your area. Working with private artists gives you more options to direct, design and customize your show to the interests of your guests.

Love Your Lasers 

Much like a light show, a laser show can thrill your audience with enchanting routines of music and color. Laser shows have the added benefit of entertaining your guests indoors and in otherwise closed events, boosting both safety and privacy. To mimic a laser show of your own, you can sync motion-activated laser or LED lights to a lively playlist. 

Play with Projectors 

Projectors are an easy and inexpensive option for a thrilling indoor or outdoor light experiment—just queue up expressive presentations or videos to entertain your audience. Much as with a colorful lighting setup, you assume more control over the experience, allowing you to adjust as needed. When treating your guests to an outdoor show, be sure to coordinate with your venue to book a suitable space and showtime.

Staying inside? Don’t forget to book a room large enough to accommodate your setup—and when you do, take advantage of Marriott’s Power of Three promotion. Any event or meeting booked within Asia-Pacific by Sept. 15, 2018, earns you bonus points and the power to choose three exciting Marriott rewards. 

Decorate the Decor

At any event, creative lighting techniques can add ambience as they light your guests’ way. Think big: From Christmas bulbs to full-scale gobo lighting, there are tons of options when it comes to utilizing colorful lights. Opt for the bright, neon color schemes normally found in Vivid Sydney displays. Set up your lights strategically by illuminating entryways, bars or buffets, tables, seating arrangements, and ceilings.