Obsessed with Avocado? Here Are 5 Fun Event Ideas to Try

Healthy and decadent ideas your attendees will gobble up

Just a few decades ago, avocados were a considered a West Coast delicacy of sorts, with availability and consumption peaking in season. Fast-forward to today, and the succulent, soft fruit with 20 essential nutrients has achieved a national cultlike status in American staples like brunch, chips and dip, and even fast food

That being said, the chance that your attendees, regardless of age or background, will be major fans of the fruit is high. So to celebrate that avocado adoration, here are five fun ways (that aren’t guac!) to incorporate the California and Mexico varieties into your event breakfast, lunch or dinner platter.  

Classically Sandwiched  

Although placing slices of avocado in between or on top of toast isn’t necessarily new, it’s one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to make the classic boardroom sandwich selection super delicious.  

Sweet ’n’ Smooth

By nature, the flesh of avocados is smooth and decadent––and we’d bet that’s how you’d describe your morning fruit smoothie, too. So why not, literally, mash the two together? For inspiration, we love this refreshing spinach, grapefruit and avocado blend from Epicurious.

A 2-Ingredient Snack

Yes, avocados are prime candidates for slicing and squashing into guacamole and on toast. But at their core, aren’t they just creamy, edible bowls themselves? For a ridiculously simple meeting snack, take a cue from these creative fruit cups and pair halved and pitted avocados with a selection of vinaigrette dressings for attendees to choose from and, voila! A makeshift salad is born. 

Paired with Succulent Salmon

Smooth and flavorful, salmon and avocado are a natural, and healthy, food pairing. We love these simple salad bowls from the Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon that mix smoked salmon, avocado and arugula. 

California Rollin’

Healthy, fresh and portable, avocado-filled sushi is the perfect way to allow guests to pick and choose what goes on their plate. Just stick to some non-aquatic options (like California rolls without crabmeat) for fish-phobes.