Plan a Market-Style Lunch for ‘Produce’ Meetings

For midday meals at Produce meetings, focus on productivity, flexibility and portability.

Lunch can either make or break a Produce meeting. Keep attendees properly fueled and focused for meetings after a meal by avoiding excessive sugar and carbs and instead filling plates with healthy proteins and whole grains.

Want to help the team stay on point? Offer a casual market-style lunch, with premade takeaway sandwiches, preassembled mini salads and unique drinks. With these portable options, the group can move to wherever productivity happens best.

Now, how to build the market lunch menu:

Wrapped-and-ready sandwiches: Offer a variety of breads and sandwich fillings, including some vegetarian and vegan options.

  • Cashew-carrot salad on sprouted-grain bread

  • Rare roast beef and havarti on rye bread

  • Hot grilled-mushroom panini

  • Bahn mi Vietnamese sandwich


Premade mini salads: Provide a variety of salads that attendees can pair with their sandwiches.

  • Bibb wedge salad with vinaigrette

  • Roasted beet salad

  • Hoisin-roasted long-bean salad

  • Cucumber raita salad


Not-so-typical drinks: While it may be too early in the day for alcohol, use the flare of mixology to bring interest to daytime beverages.

  • Hand-shaken ice tea

  • Fresh lemonade

  • Pomegranate float