Play Ball: Inspiration for a Sports-Driven Event

Take teamwork to a new level

For many of us, sports aren’t just a hobby or an exercise alternative—they’re a lifelong passion. What’s more, engaging in competitive athletics can vastly improve our concentration, stress levels, work ethic, self-confidence, mood and teamwork skills—traits that have clear benefits for your meeting attendees. 

Of course, you don’t have to encourage guests to lace up a pair of cleats to tap into the benefits of sports psychology. Projecting a rousing team mentality through food and décor displays can help you achieve the same effects more subtly. 

Here, we spotlight five of our favorite sports across the globe, and share ideas for incorporating the essence of those games into your event.

1. Kick It Off

Whether you call it soccer or football, it’s arguably the most beloved sport on the planet, making it a worthy goal (see what we did there?) for event displays. Transport attendees to the game by placing table settings directly on the pitch. Feel free to throw in a ball or two, as well!

2. In the Ring

As far as highly anticipated sporting events go, drama-soaked boxing takes the title. And better yet, it’s a show your team could bring directly to attendees. Just don’t start throwing guests into the ring at random! 

3. Tennis, Anyone?

When tennis comes to mind, do you automatically imagine summertime, a perfectly chilled pitcher of iced tea and plenty of sunshine? Luckily, these traits are totally translatable for your event. Hold a meeting on the courts, or bring those elements (like refreshments and tennis décor) straight into the meeting room. 

4. A Hole-in-One

An event right on the greens will always impress, but you can bring the best of golf to your event even without a course. Vintage balls, clubs and tartan accents evoke an iconic clubhouse feel; you can even set up mini-golf break stations to test guests’ concentration and add to the fun.

5. Right on Cue

Even the least athletic among us can wield a pool cue for a friendly game of billiards. (Don’t worry, we’re definitely counting it as a sport.) Allow attendees to compete between meeting sessions, or place refreshments and snacks—in a complementary color palette, of course—alongside the eight ball.