Poolside Meetings That Will Make a Splash

Tips to make an event by the pool shine

It’s summertime, and you know what that means: warmer temperatures, more sunshine and the desire to constantly be outdoors. And what better way to be outdoors on a scorching day than lounging by the pool? You can apply that logic to summertime meetings, too. It’s not always possible to bring your event poolside, but a meeting by the pool can be a fun way to enjoy the sunshine while you work. Here’s how to do it:

Adopt an H2O-Friendly Setup

A poolside meeting is an opportunity to ditch standard tables and desks and opt for something more playful. Try out a more casual seating arrangement by setting up alternative furniture such as chaise lounges or beanbag chairs, though if technology is needed, remember to set up a safe distance from the water.

Pools carry their own cheerful atmosphere, so when it comes to décor, use waterproof items that will enhance this ambience, such as umbrellas, lanterns designed for poolside use and floating flowers or lights. Avoid the color black when possible, as it will absorb heat and make hot days hotter, leaving guests sweaty instead of refreshed.

Keep Food Light—and Dry

Eating at the pool isn’t always the easiest thing: With people splashing all around, food can easily get wet. Arrange the food table away from the threat of water and in the shade to keep food dry and fresh.

Also consider that guests aren’t likely to eat a three-course meal by the pool. Instead, serve smaller dishes and finger foods, or provide a buffet and let attendees create their own plates. When it comes to beverages, offer light drinks that will keep guests cool and hydrated.

Don’t Forget the Pool Essentials

Although your guests might not be swimming, that doesn’t mean they are invisible to the sun. Come equipped with sunblock, sunglasses, towels, visors and fans—anything that can keep attendees cool and protected while out in the sun. Ensure that ample shaded areas are available for attendees who want to stay out of the sun completely.

Poolside meetings might not always match your meeting purpose, but they can be a spirited way to give guests a dose of fresh air and get creative juices flowing. They’ll appreciate the change of scenery, which will position your event in a positive light—sunlight.