Post-Event Marketing Strategies to Keep Guests Coming Back

What to do after a successful event to ensure repeat attendance

For busy planners, the end of a fruitful conference or meeting offers a well-deserved reason to exhale. 

OK, take a breath. Ready for the next one?

It’s never too early to start thinking about a future event—and ways to leverage the goodwill of recent guests to start registrations off with a bang. That strategy also helps lock in attendees who might otherwise double-book or neglect to register at a later date.

No matter your approach, a coordinated effort that aims to reach regular attendees in a variety of ways (and compels them to spread the word, too) is a surefire way to sustain existing business and build awareness among new audiences. 

Here’s how to get started:

Relive the memories. 

There’s no doubt that good event planners capture plenty of unforgettable moments. Use video clips, photos, pull quotes from keynote speakers and even funny memes to recall key highlights. Share those nuggets on social media channels, digital newsletters and your website to remind participants why the next gathering is a can’t-miss affair

Survey your attendees.

Whether your meeting had an unexpected hiccup or went off without a hitch, there’s always room to improve. Post-event surveys offer a direct pipeline to gauge guest sentiment and identify any points of contention. Use that feedback to identify popular offerings and areas of missed opportunity—and incorporate them into your game plan. 

Offer discount incentives.

But don’t wait to do so. Capitalize on momentum within 24 to 48 hours after the event ends. With new insights and skill sets fresh in their minds, participants satisfied with the experience could be compelled to purchase tickets well in advance—especially at the right price. Share a discount code or offer via email, social media or text.

Host a meetup. 

Depending on resources and demand, mini events centered around a theme, topic or objective can boost networking opportunities (and excitement) months before the next big gathering occurs. Those meetups, which could occur in a host city or anywhere big clusters of past guests might live, also offer prime opportunity to market the main event.

Get guests talking.

Word of mouth is powerful—and there’s no easier way to gain a new attendee than via a prior guest’s recommendation. Consider a promotion where repeat visitors can sign up a friend or colleague to attend a future event at a reduced cost. Or, give your regulars an incentive for sharing a related hashtag, testimonial or social media filter.