Practical Tips for Bringing Periscope to Meetings

Let guests unwind, and get video you can use, by using Periscope at your next event!

Sure, you know Instagram and Twitter and Facebook and Vine. But have you heard of Periscope?

Periscope is a live video streaming app that’s already changing the way users digest—and share—content as it happens. With so many meetings going hybrid, this app gives a new dimension to webcasting.


If you’re eager to see how this app could work for you, check out these tips on using it in meetings.

Upgrade to a high-bandwidth connection: Live-streaming will soak up quite a bit of bandwidth, whether one person is using it or every attendee is tapped in. The last thing you want is for the app to crash before good videos are captured, so a high-bandwidth connection is key. Be sure to talk with the technology professionals on-site to ensure that the bandwidth available can handle a large amount of live-streaming.


Allow for testing and Q&A: Periscope is still a relatively new platform, so you need people on the ground who can help facilitate it. Also, assume that not everyone will understand it—so offer testing before the big event, plus plenty of Q&A or even a live demo.


Focus on production value: Periscope can help you share on-the-go meeting updates as they happen, and it can broadcast live speakers and Q&A sessions in ways other apps can’t. The last thing you want to do is have a live event that’s shaky or blurry because of poor production value. If you can’t hire a full-time crew to handle the app (due to budget or time), trust the live-streaming to steady-handed staff members or interns.