Raising the Brew

Your average cup of joe goes nitro.

Coffee. It’s a necessity, no matter what time of day your meeting takes place. It’s a must-have at breakfast, a pick-me-up at lunch and a digestif after dinner (when the coffee is spiked with a little alcohol, that is). So how do you make your garden-variety coffee experience different? Enter nitro coffee, the latest java craze taking the beverage world by storm.

Nitro coffee gets its name from the use of nitrogen, which creates a smooth, creamy taste and a foamy “head” (think of the top layer of your favorite stout beer). The result is a luscious brew that’s being heralded for its appearance, its excellent mouth feel and, of course, its taste.

Does any of this matter to you if you’re not hosting an event catering to hipsters and coffee geeks? Absolutely. Because the cool thing about nitro coffee is that it’s so versatile, not to mention that it simply is cool — offering something different that will catch your guests’ attention. Serve it for breakfast as an interesting alternative to a cappuccino, or pour it into a goblet for a lunch option that only looks like it includes alcohol. Thirsting for a fun dessert option? Some coffee shops serve their nitro coffee on top of ice cream. And don’t forget about happy hour, where chocolate liqueur can be added to create a festive nightcap.

Nitro coffee is trendy and delicious and will energize your guests no matter what your meeting’s purpose.