Reasons to Take Your Event International

Hosting an event out of the country has many benefits. Here are five.

Hosting an event outside your home country requires some extra planning and travel time, but the added value for attendees may be priceless. There are several factors to take into account when considering an international event location that best serves attendees.

Going International: 5 Top Things to Consider

Speakers: Sometimes the best speakers within an industry or on a topic aren’t in your home country, and moving an event to a different country can greatly expand your options. These speakers might expose attendees to different points of view and provide a global perspective of the industry.


Networking: Hosting an event in a different country can help attendees expand their business networks. Plan a networking event in which you partner with similar or like-minded local companies and organizations. Having local professionals connect with your attendees will expand all parties’ knowledge of the global market and could lead to new business relationships.


Experiences: An international event allows guests to explore a country and culture they may not have experienced before. Be sure to plan some off-site events and incorporate local traditions and indigenous food and drink.


Cost: Some planning essentials may be more cost-effective in other parts of the world. When considering an international meeting, look at travel costs along with other costs like lodging, technology, food and drink, decor, setup and entertainment.


Innovation: Heading out of the country is a surefire way to get attendees to step outside of their comfort zones. When you get attendees out of their daily routines and allow them to loosen up, that’s when the creative magic happens.