The Right App for Your Meeting

There are a million new apps out there. Here’s how to select the right tools for your meeting planning.

Imagine a time when we didn’t have technology on our side: when information wasn’t readily accessible; when we couldn’t connect with others at the click of a button or order supplies from halfway around the world. Planning an event is a lot of hard work, but thanks to advances in technology, there are certainly ways to make it easier. One of those ways? Apps. The number of applications available, both for planning an event and ensuring it runs smoothly, is vast. So how do you know which to use? We’ve searched through a long list of them for you — see which will work best for your event purpose, below. 


The first step in planning a successful meeting is deciding when to hold that meeting. Particularly in smaller groups, when everyone’s attendance is vital —Decide, Ideate, Produce — timing is everything. Doodle, a scheduling tool, cooperates with the calendar on your smartphone to select optimal meeting times and even allows you to create polls to determine the best time for everyone. It’s perfect for scheduling meeting after meeting and even making last minute changes to timing, if necessary.  


Ideal for any event that requires registration — Celebrate, Educate, Network, PromoteBoomset uses a QR scanner to easily check guests in, manage lists, and print badges on-site. It even enables staff comments, so those working the event can communicate, via the app, about things like VIP designations, table numbers, payment status and more. Post-event reports and analytics are available, too, so you don’t have to look much further for a detailed post-mortem. 


Bizzabo is an event planner’s Swiss Army knife, if the multifaceted tool’s purpose were to create an event, sell tickets, build a website and send invitations. The all-in-one platform suits large events very well — Celebrate, Educate, Network, Promote — though its varied facets make it ideal for any event purpose. You can even send push notifications regarding event changes or delays (a seminar starting late or changing rooms, for example), and attendees can even message one another using it (perfect for networking).

Planning Pod

With over two dozen event-management tools, Planning Pod keeps everything together in one place when you need to plan a meeting or an event. Set up tables for your Celebrate event, or design a trade-show floor for your event with the purpose to Promote. Keep track of your audio and visual requirements — as well as staging — for your Educate meeting, and even manage food and transportation. Budgets and schedules can be attended to here as well, so there’s no Ideate or Produce meeting this app can’t handle. 


Look to Asana to keep your Produce meeting on track. The task-based app can be used to assign responsibilities to team members, creating a workflow whose progress can be monitored throughout the meeting — no wasting time on status updates. Users can communicate with one another through the app if they’d like to, and feedback can be provided through the app, too.