Roll Out the Red Carpet for International Attendees

Give international attendees a warm welcome at your next stateside event.

Meetings and events are all about pleasing your attendees—but when the guests are traveling internationally to join your event, pay special attention to cultural idiosyncrasies and greet your international guests with a warm welcome.

Host a Welcome Reception

Make international attendees feel special with an international banquet or cocktail hour to kick off your event. Recruit leaders from the organization to attend the reception and extend a warm welcome to the guests who made lengthy journeys.

Allow for Social Time

International attendees travel to meetings and events to learn, create and ideate—but they also come to network. To satisfy their need to meet and greet, plan networking activities, cocktail hours and dinners, and leave enough time in between sessions for name-exchanging and handshaking.

Avoid Snafus with Food and Drink

Be sensitive to cultural differences in dining when planning an international meeting. To be safe, provide plenty of vegetarian options and nonalcoholic drinks. Once you have the guest list and know where your guests hail from, you can consult with the chef and staff to determine specially crafted dining options.

Agenda for Programs

Correspondence prior to the meeting should clearly detail the purpose of the meeting and provide tentative agendas. Make these communications—as well as materials at the meeting—available (via web or print) in multiple languages for international attendees. In addition, all correspondence and communications should err on the side of formality to avoid accidentally offending any attendees.