Roll Out the Red Carpet with These Oscar-Inspired Décor Ideas

Oscar-inspired meeting décor for the win!

Awards season is in full swing—the Academy Awards air Feb. 26!—and it seems that everyone has Hollywood fever. Why not channel that fervor into an awards season-inspired soiree? From rolling out a real red carpet and hiring faux paparazzi to awards show-inspired décor and swag bags, here are fun ways to incorporate Hollywood glamour into your next event. 

Red-Carpet Ride  

It isn’t a Hollywood-themed event without a red carpet. Not a fan of red? Roll out a carpet in your company’s color instead.  

Strike a Pose

Install a custom step-and-repeat with you company’s logo—and hire a photographer to make your guests feel like celebrities as they pose for the camera.

Your Name in Lights 

Your company name in the instantly recognizable Hollywood-sign font? Iconic. 

Clever Cocktails

Select a few signature cocktails for your event and give them names that evoke the glamour of Hollywood. Or peg your cocktail names to current films and nominees (“The Meryl” is an evergreen favorite). 

Swag Bags 

Hollywood events are known for their serious swag. Make sure your guests leave with a fancy treat. 

Champagne Popping 

Your glamorous event deserves the most glamorous drink—nothing says chic celebration like bottles of bubbly!