Roll With the (Seasonal) Punches

Large-batch cocktail ideas for fall

For seasonal events, the humble punch bowl can be one of your biggest secret weapons. The large-batch mix of ingredients means it’s easier to serve libations, while the punch bowl itself provides another element for your décor. For autumn and early winter events, look for recipes that use seasonal ingredients, and adorn your mixes with the colors and symbols of the season. Here are some ideas.

Winter Sangria

A sangria-style mix of red wine, cranberry juice and sparkling water is a refreshing, low-alcohol option that will positively glow in a festive red. Garnish with apple slices or fresh cranberries.

Citrus Sweet

Citrus fruits are so versatile, they can be just as refreshing and enjoyable in the winter as they are in the summer. Try something different and combine sweet citrus with whiskey, and garnish your punch bowl with the fruits’ peels. 

Pomegranate Love

When you start seeing pomegranate in the grocery store, you just know it’s almost winter. Make use of the seasonal ingredient by combining its juice with that of the cranberry, and add pomegranate seeds for a festive, delicious touch. Serve with sparkling water for a nonalcoholic option, or spice it up with some rum or vodka.

Hard Cider

What’s more fall than apple cider? For a visually appealing golden punch bowl, combine cloves, cardamom and your choice of hard apple cider for a delicious drink. 

Pear With This

Another wondrous wintery fruit, the pear is a perfect choice for your punch bowl. Combine thick pear nectar with champagne for a sweet (and pretty) mimosa, garnished with pear slices.