Savvy Customer Service Strategies to Better Support Attendees

Try these four tips to provide outstanding customer service

Event professionals know that providing stellar customer service goes a long way toward ensuring attendee satisfaction. But great customer service goes beyond lending a helping hand—attendee support should be at the core of every event. 

Try these four strategies to provide above-and-beyond customer service so that attendees can get the help they need to enjoy your event. 

Create a customer service communications plan.

No matter how buttoned-up your event is, chances are attendees will still have questions. Although you might not be able to anticipate what they might ask, a customer service communications plan can help you prepare your response ahead of time. 

To begin, put yourself in attendees’ shoes and storyboard—or write out—your meeting flow. Are there any potential areas that might cause confusion? If so—and if they are unavoidable—consider how team members should respond and identify those who are best prepared to execute a solution. For example, you might handle any issues related to dietary needs but redirect technology questions to your tech provider.

Lastly, in all of your other event communications, such as meeting reminders, make sure to mention who attendees can turn to, or where they should go, to get support. If it’s appropriate to give out emails or phone numbers, consider listing those as well. 

Add a help function to your meeting app.

Your event app helps attendees network, personalize their agendas and more—why not add a help function to it as well? In fact, a recent survey found that apps are the No. 1 way attendees want to consume and share meeting content, with 3 out of 4 guests downloading an app when available. With most attendees using an app, the platform makes a great digital hub for all things customer service.  

Of course, meeting apps also take time, effort and money to produce. Take this quiz to see if an event app can benefit and streamline your meeting. 

Look for a meeting planner app.

Attendees aren’t the only ones looking for the ease of an app. Some planners want meeting apps designed specifically to handle attendee requests and keep their teams connected in real time, 24/7. Need more chairs? Conference room too cold? With Marriott’s Meeting Services App, for instance, planners can manage meetings all without stepping away from the event. 

Set up an in-person help desk. 

As fast and effective as digital help is, sometimes the best remedy comes in the form of a real person—someone able to read an attendee’s emotional cues and offer their undivided attention. Designate one team member as the all-support person who can be on hand throughout the event. And as part of your customer service communication plan, be sure to share with attendees where they can find the help desk should they need it.