Scary-Good Halloween Setups

Your inspiration for boo-worthy décor

From now until the end of October, it’s officially scary season. Whether you’re holding a meeting with the purpose to Ideate or Celebrate, or anything in between, there’s definitely room for Halloween spirit. We’ve searched our Inspiration Gallery to bring you some of the best and brightest ideas so that you can get to planning the All Hallows’ Eve bash of the century — or at the very least, bring a touch of the holiday to your boardroom table. 

Create the Atmosphere

Jack-o’-lanterns or no, creating a spooky-but-fun Halloween vibe is all about lighting! A dimly lit space with flickering candles (and yes, perhaps the orangey glow of a pumpkin to decorate) sets the scene. Pair it with spooky detail like cobwebs at the entrance to your event, and you’ll have them in the Halloween spirit from the get-go. 

Spidey Senses

Your event could be to Promote or even to Decide, but as long as these cupcakes are on the menu, everyone will be feeling the fun vibes of this holiday. And whimsical cupcakes like these sure beat a pile of candy at the boardroom table. 

On the Table

Imagine a boardroom setting, prime for deliberation and discussion. Now, imagine it accessorized like this. Smiling jack-o’-lanterns and some healthy (but fun!) snacks will keep the atmosphere light and energized, and the outcome of your meeting will be all the greater for it. This would also make a fantastic option for coffee breaks and registration tables. 

Lend a Hand

Take-home treats like these are fairly inexpensive, while offering just the right amount of whimsy for a slightly sweet, slightly spooky event. Perfect for a Network or Promote meeting, be sure to include some branded elements with this theatric party favor.

Nature Walk

What’s sweeter than Halloween candy? How about a Halloween dessert buffet! From lunch breaks to a seriously festive banquet, this display will win even the grumpiest ghouls over.