Screening Rooms: The Next Hot Meeting Trend

Create a highly visual experience for attendees at your next event by using screening room.

Video is a powerful communications tool, whether the message is for marketing, entertainment or education. To make sure the message gets across properly, consider implementing a screening room at your next event.

Some venues may already have one available, but if not, transform a space into a screening room with these helpful tips.

Lighting. Darkness is paramount for a quality viewing experience, so if possible, avoid spaces that usher in a lot of natural light. If no interior rooms are available, use heavy drapes to cover light sources.

Seating. Stadium seating is ideal to allow everyone to see the screen properly. But more important is that furnishings are comfortable so attendees feel relaxed throughout the viewing process. If possible, consider using a mix of options, such as sofas and loveseats, oversize lounge chairs and beanbag cushions, to simulate the varied heights of stadium seats.

Equipment. High-quality audio/visual — projector, screen and speakers (surround sound or stereo will work), as well as something from which to play the video — are essential to a good viewing experience. Walls can be used in place of screens, but make sure they’re non-textured and consistent in color, as any variations will show up in the picture.

Such rooms don’t have to be overly large, either: A well-planned 20-seat space may be perfect for your purpose. And once viewings are done, consider using the space for other event activities, such as a lounge or a video game station to allow attendees to unwind.