Sensible Snacking: Driving Energy from A.M. to P.M.

Encourage productivity and attentiveness all day long with snacks that provide nutrition and energy.

All-day meetings have an array of challenges, including how to ensure that attendees have the energy to stay productive from morning until night. Selecting the right snacks for each part of the day can help participants stay on top of their game, ensuring meeting success.

Snacks come in a variety of shapes and sizes: quick grab-and-go items, in-room munchies, interactive stations and even beverages! Grab-and-go items and in-room snacks help keep meetings — and the professionals at them —on track, whereas interactive stations are meant to keep attendees thinking creatively while allowing them to network with fellow participants. And beverages are the cherry on top of a great snack break. But don’t be fooled: Sometimes they can be the main event!

For all snacking purposes, emphasize noncarbohydrate–based pick-me-ups, including protein, seasonal vegetables, refreshing fruits and healthy fats.

Use this snack blueprint, with ideas for each of the categories mentioned, to plan your next productive all-day-meeting menu!


Grab-and-go or in-room snack: yogurt parfait with fresh berries, fresh fruit, salmon breakfast sandwiches, ham-and-egg breakfast bites

Interactive station: make-your-own-muesli station

Beverages: fresh juice and flavored water, cold-brewed coffee, smoothies



Grab-and-go or in-room snack: nut bar, roasted chickpeas, house-made granola bars, charcuterie-and-cheese station

Interactive station: build-your-own Sabra hummus bar, trail mix bar

Beverages: grab-and-go smoothies, tea



Grab-and-go or in-room snack: hummus with pita bread and veggies, veggie sliders, chocolate-covered strawberry lollipops

Interactive station: bruschetta station, Quaker oatmeal risotto station

Beverages: fresh lemonade, cocktail shooters made with fresh ingredients