Setup Rules for a Perfect Beach Bash

Five ways to successfully—and safely—soak up the sun

With warm temperatures and plenty of summer sunshine, it can be tempting to throw an event on the beach—and messy, too. Try these five setup strategies to ensure that guests only get as much sand between their toes as they’d like.

Provide the Essentials

Water, sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, flip-flops—beach outings often require additional considerations to keep attendees safe from the sun. Guests might bring their own sun protection, but it’s good to keep backup in case they run out of sunscreen or leave their personal stash out in the sun, which can render sunblock ineffective. Better yet: Hand out sun protection kits at your event’s registration table to ensure that all attendees can safely enjoy a moment in the sun. 

Get Shady

Endless natural light is one of the biggest perks of beach events, and one of the biggest cons, too. Some guests might prefer to relax in the shade, so make sure to offer areas where attendees can escape the sunlight.

Light Up the Night

Another con of the sun: Come sunset, darkness ensues. For beach events that span the night, you’ll need a lighting system to illuminate the dark. Keep the beachy vibe with string lights, lanterns and rattan lighting fixtures. 

Offer Fixed Seating 

Beach towels might be the perfect spot for a nap in the sun, but meetings require more stable seating. Fixed chairs and tables guarantee that attendees can sit, eat and drink comfortably without the worry of getting too sandy.

Skip the Plasticware

Similarly, avoid light tableware and utensils that can easily blow away with the summer breeze. That means nix the plasticware and set tables with its heavier counterparts instead.