Shades of Purple

Lighting your room with the color of luxury

Perhaps it’s your brand color. Maybe it’s simply your favorite color. Whatever the reason you choose to put a spotlight on purple at your event, it’s going to look good. These examples from our Inspiration Gallery are proof: There is power in the color purple. Known for its ability to create a rich, luxurious feel, purple is an excellent choice for a posh event, and certain shades of it are even thought to create a calming effect. Below, how to make sure your event space wears it well—all in lights. 

All Eyes Up Front

This room, alight by varying shades of purple and red, lends a mysterious vibe that draws attention to the front of the room. Exotic, no?  

Happy Hue

This room is abuzz with light purple lighting, creating an energetic, wonderfully happy vibe. 

Chic and Sleek

The sleek lighting seen here evokes a luxurious lounge setting, with deep purple and pink hues bouncing from reflective furnishings.   

Fairytale Setting

The combination of purply shades and plenty of sparkly lighting lends a fairytale vibe to this grand setting, ideal for a celebration. 

By the Light

This soft, bluish-purple setting is romantic, elegant and luxurious, setting the scene for a sophisticated night.