Shake Up Your Morning Meeting Breakfast Routine

Inspiration for how to serve the most important meal of the day

Bacon and eggs. Pancakes and waffles. Breakfast is a staple for morning meetings, as are the meal’s classic menu items. For planners hosting early gatherings, here’s how to spice up your morning menu for a fulfilling breakfast—and a productive event.

Bring in Global Tastes

Nation's Restaurant News lists international breakfasts as a top 2019 trend, so change up your morning menu with inspiration from around the world. Try onsen tamago (soft-cooked eggs) from Japan; porridge made from teff, an Ethiopian grain; or an Israeli-style buffet with a variety of cheeses, herring and eggs.

Make It Savory

Many traditional breakfast foods rely on sweet touches such as maple syrup or Nutella to complete the dish, but not all guests will want a morning sugar rush. Instead, consider a breakfast menu that leans savory. For example, alongside classic waffle toppings, also include chicken chorizo or tomato and mozzarella options to satisfy those without sweet tooths. 

Let Guests Choose

Not every attendee will want a standard omelet with cheese and ham. Host DIY cooking stations where guests can choose the ingredients behind their breakfast, be it a spinach omelet, blueberry pancakes or banana French toast.

Serve Small Plates

Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but not all attendees have time to eat—especially during morning meetings that require heavy participation. To ensure that guests can both engage and indulge, offer a variety of satisfying, bite-sized nibbles that will allow attendees to eat without losing focus of the meeting. 

Don’t Forget the Java

Coffee is a mainstay to many morning routines, and depriving attendees of their caffeine fix can be a cause for a sluggish morning event and lackluster participation. Make sure to have coffee available with all of the fixings for a more active meeting.

Emphasize the Meeting Experience

Every meeting should emphasize the event experience—regardless of how early it’s held. Depending on your breakfast meeting start time, guests might not be 100 percent awake, so place the focus on your breakfast setup. For example, consider elegantly plated dishes or an intricate and inviting table display to rouse them awake.