Sign of the Times

The newest trends to try on social media

We’ve discussed the power of social media at length here on Meetings Imagined, and hopefully by now you’ve gotten your feet wet in the world of Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and perhaps even Snapchat. You’ve likely invested time—and possibly even money—into your social strategy, and now you’re wondering, how do I get even more out of this? Look to the trends—the social trends, that is. Below, five ways to get more out of your meeting, with the latest crazes on social media. 

Accept the Challenge

From the Ice Bucket Challenge to the new, much-abuzz Mannequin Challenge, there’s always a new trend to participate in on social media. Holding a meeting with the purpose to Network? Break the ice by participating in the “Andy’s Coming” challenge and post it to your social channels to spotlight both your brand and cash in on the craze. 

Instagram Extras

You’re well-rehearsed in posting photos on Instagram, but did you know that there are other ways to shine on the platform? Share behind-the-scenes snippets of your Celebrate event with short, gif-style videos called Boomerangs. Keep followers up to date on the goings-on at your series of Educate seminars with Instagram Stories, or create a collage with Instagram Layouts to share your favorite shots from that Ideate meeting. 

Tell Your Story

Speaking of Instagram Stories, they’re a fantastic way to share everything without oversharing. That may sound contradictory, but it’s true: Stories allows you to share as many photo and video updates as you want, and keeps them alive for 24 hours, without showing up on your main Instagram feed. This won’t overcrowd the feeds of your followers, and you’ll get to keep those who want to know what’s happening in the know—win, win! Oh, and pssst—you can do something very similar over on Snapchat.  

Put on a Filter

On the topic of Snapchat, have you checked out all of its filters? From your favorite celebrities wearing flower crowns to geo-targeted images, the ghostly social platform is thriving thanks to its availability of filters. Create a brand-new one for your event to get attendees in on the fun, or ask everyone to take a photo using a specific filter. 

Go Live

Facebook Live—among other options—is picking up speed in the trends department. Go live with your meeting, no matter what its purpose, to generate excitement and share updates right on your main profile page. The video will be available to review after, making for a wonderfully shareable option later.  

Bonus: Start Your Own Trend

The Mannequin Challenge had to start somewhere and with someone, right? Look to your meeting—both its purpose and attendees—to come up with an original idea of your very own. If this real-life version of the Hungry Hungry Hippos game can go viral, your team can certainly brainstorm something to rival it.