Sit Here

Ideas for better conference seating

It’s rare for someone to consider a conference to be, well, fun. You have your typical lecture room, complete with stadium seating, hard chairs and stale environment. Not exactly all that conducive to stimulation, is it? That’s why it’s time to change all that, if you can. The next time you plan a conference to Produce, Ideate or Educate, think about creating a setting that inspires learning and creativity—how does it look? Probably pretty comfortable, right? From our Inspiration Gallery, here are some of our favorite seating ideas that you can take to the next level. 

Comfort Is Chic 

The combination of soft and visually interesting seating options plus an elegant environment lends a chic vibe to this conference setup.

Surround Sound

This circular seating arrangement makes it easy for attendees to enjoy a presentation from all angles, while low lighting and a soothing color scheme promote relaxation and creativity.

You’ve Got Options

This simple room setup is elevated thanks to its assortment of seating options, letting guests select the one that is most comfortable for them.

Break Out

For smaller groups or breakout sessions, this style of seating—complete with multiple height choices and even a few beanbags—offers a comfortable learning environment. 

Light the Way

This setup takes a slightly more traditional route but creates a more relaxed vibe with low, colored lighting and a sleek choice of seating.