Spice Up Your Event With a Specialty Bar

Themed bars can add interest, encourage interaction and boost creativity at your event.

Bars and alcoholic beverages are a given at many events. So why not consider a specialized or “cool bar”?

Such bars have a theme, allow beverage service to be front and center and add value to your event. Examples of cool bars include:

  • Bourbon bar
  • Manhattan bar
  • Make-your-own mojito bar
  • Tiki bar (featuring colorful garnishes)
  • Tequila-sipping bar
  • Action bar, where the creation of the drink is entertainment (e.g., fire is involved)
  • Absolut bar, featuring a variety of Absolut liquors, citruses and sweets
  • Fresh juice cocktail bar, where all juice mixers are squeezed in front of guests


Does the idea of a cool bar sound, well, cool? Here are four reasons to consider one at your next event:

Provide an educational experience. Use a specialized bar to teach guests about a lesser-known alcohol, a local product or organic ingredients.

Increase interaction and networking. Make the bar a conversation starter among attendees who are strangers. Interactive elements, like in a make-your-own mojito bar, will keep guests mingling and moving.

Deliver a fun, novel experience. Encourage attendees to try and taste new things with a specialty bar. Set up a gin and tonic bar, featuring a variety of gins and tonics, and ask guests to try small amounts of different mixtures and identify the botanicals in each.

Promote and reinforce your message. Planning an event for a company whose logo is blue? Plan an entirely blue bar — featuring blue cocktails and liquor with blue labels — to reinforce branding during the event.