Spring Into Warmer Temps with These 4 Fun, Sunny Event Ideas

Salute the sun gods (and still get your message across) with these spring-inspired Ideate and Educate event ideas

With soaring (OK, maybe slowly climbing) temps, more continuous sunshine boosting health and mood (according to Harvard Health) and mass migrations to parks, pools and baseball games, there are more than a few things to celebrate once spring rolls around. But that elation can be doubly depressing when you’re forced to watch the fun from behind a cubicle—or, even worse, during a mandatory indoor Saturday business event. 

Although you truly want guests to enjoy themselves at your event, if your meeting purpose is to Ideate, Decide or Produce, you still need to get business done. So what’s a savvy event planner to do? Have no fear. We’ve assembled four fun, sunny ways to ensure guests receive your intended message––but still have an absolute blast.

Take guests back to summer camp 

For businesses and meeting planners alike, it can be challenging to make traditional team-building activities fun and dynamic, especially while seated in a conference room or surrounding tables. But by moving activities outdoors (like at this build-your-own-boat event), team building feels less like a forced business activity and more like old-school bonding at summer camp. 

Set out some adult-sized games

With a presumably larger expanse for guests to wander, encouraging interaction at outdoor events can be difficult. But with larger games front and center (such as this oversized chessboard), there’s no need to corral your attendees into a designated area––they will naturally flock there themselves.

Take PowerPoint presentations outdoors

As much as you and your attendees yearn to move the party into greener pastures (literally), there’s no two ways around it––you still need to get this PowerPoint presentation across. But who ever said you couldn’t intertwine learning with outdoor adventure and fun? Try making your message mobile at a nearby trail, choosing specific points along the way to present key information to attendees. Just make sure everyone gets the memo to dress in loose layers and walking shoes beforehand!

Celebrate the start of rooftop season 

At a springtime business event during the day (especially in the city), it can be difficult for attendees not to fantasize about what rooftop bar they will be hitting for happy hour. But if your event location has access to a roof, why should attendees even wait until 5 to soak up the sunshine and moderate temperatures? It’s the perfect way to (even temporarily) escape from the concrete jungle heat.