Star-Studded Events

Welcome autumn with a sky full of lights

The autumn equinox is fast approaching, signaling the first day of fall, but also one of two days in the calendar year when the hours of day and night are almost equal to one another. If you’re planning an event around this time, a great way to recognize this rotation of the Earth is with the stars. It’s a subtle — yet spectacular — option that says farewell to the past season without jumping too quickly into the typical autumnal theme (think pumpkins, Halloween and so on). Here are some of our favorite star-studded looks from our Inspiration Gallery.  

Daytime Décor 

If you’re still holding on to those late daylight hours from summer but want to maintain a little temperature control, a sweeping white tent with a billowing ceiling creates the atmosphere with all the perks of being indoors. We love these hanging stars paired with glowing string lights that create a spectacular ambiance when the sun goes down. 

Dining With the Stars

This simple — yet beautifully dramatic — setting takes a low-lit ballroom, starry backdrop and tall candelabras to create an elegant atmosphere that really is like dining with the stars. The setup doesn’t call for an insane amount of décor, and still makes a really big impact.  

Star at the Ceiling 

A traditional banquet setup — flanked with golden accessories — gets a major boost thanks to its ceiling. Billowing layers of fabric are illuminated with what look like millions of tiny stars, creating a meal under the stars guests won’t soon forget. 

Take It Outside

Why fake it if you don’t have to? If you’re fortunate to be hosting your event in a location with temperate autumn weather, take it outside. With the true stars of the night — the actual stars — taking center stage, you won’t need much else to set the scene.