Tasty Bars (No Alcohol Needed) Suitable for All Events

Not all bars need to be alcoholic. These 5 festive bars feature delicious eats and non-alcoholic treats your guests will love.

The word “bar” is, more often than not, associated with the station where guests can pick up an alcoholic beverage. However, that doesn’t have to be the case!

If you’re hosting a dry meeting or event, use that bar space for something other than booze, like dessert parfaits or bite-sized treats.

Mixed Nut Bar

Forget booze! Turn that bar into a delicious buffet of salty and savory nuts! Skip typical bowls and opt for a more glamorous display instead, with lace-wrapped baskets filled with chickpeas, pumpkin seeds and peanuts or a rustic look with burlap sacks and lots of twine. [ed.: Are you sure those are chickpeas? That seems like a really strange thing to have in a mixed nuts assortment. I’m guessing they’re more likely hazelnuts with the skins off. Just checking, maybe they really are chickpeas J]


Exotic Noodle Bar

Introduce guests to culinary favorites from around the globe and host a delicious noodle bar in place of the beer! Serve a collection of different noodles, from egg to rice to ramen, alongside a mouthwatering array of broths, curry sauces and tons of toppings. This will, easily, be one of the most popular stations at the event!


Fresh Juice Bar

Whether you’re hosting an early morning meeting or an afternoon boardroom session, a fresh juice bar will go a long way toward keeping your attendees energized. Offer a big selection of fresh fruit juices in a range of flavors or, for added entertainment, have a barista making fresh juices to order with fresh and seasonal fruit and vegetables.


Oyster Bar

Hosting an event or meeting by the sea? Serve up a beautiful bouquet of freshly caught oysters! To keep the display elegant, serve the oysters in beautiful glass bowls with an abundance of ice alongside sliced lemons or limes. Have the chef prepare a homemade oyster sauce to pair for more local spin.


Elegant Dessert Bar

Nothing says celebration like a beautiful assortment of delicious desserts! Top your dessert bar with cupcakes, fruit bowls or stemware filled with luscious mousse or ice creams. Offer a selection of dessert flavors (including gluten-free and vegan options) in a beautiful array of colors for a bar that’s both tasty and beautiful.