Tea, Anyone?

Bring the world’s favorite drink into your next event

Jam-packed with heart-healthy compounds and available in an array of earthy, fruity and floral fragrances, it’s no wonder that tea is the most widely consumed beverage globally (second only to water). As deliciously comforting as an oversized cup of tea is, however, we’re first to admit that the drink on its own can be snooze-inducing when entertaining clients or guests at an event.  

So in honor of National Tea Month, which rolls around every January, here are five fun, fresh ways to incorporate the beverage into your next big event. 

DIY Tea Kit Gifts 

There’s no doubt that tea is definitively the drink of choice for people across the planet. But receiving tea in the same, predictable small packets won’t exactly make your guests ooh or aah when opening up gift bags or while eyeing centerpieces. So why not give them the tools to make tea themselves? These tea-making starter kits from Teavana only require a few simple pieces to create the real thing (and are moderately priced, to boot). 

Tea-Inspired Treats 

Although raspberry, chamomile and blackberry Earl Grey make for smooth, comforting cups of tea, why shouldn’t your guests be able to have their tea—and eat it, too? From chamomile tea and lemon shortbread cookies to dark chocolate Earl Grey truffles, tea-inspired edible treats (like the ones in this Buzzfeed list) are the perfect snacks to pair with any tea display at your event. 

Tea-Making Stations 

The only activity that would trump having guests make tea individually? Allowing those same guests to customize—and socialize with other guests—while they engineer their own herbal brew. Give attendees options for mixing by placing all tea bags and cups together near a working station.   

Mad Hatter Tea Party 

No tea event would be complete without an Alice in Wonderland-inspired afternoon tea party for your guests. Opt for flowery, pastel place settings and yummy treats like shortbread, cookies and croissants to make your guests feel as though they’ve been invited by The Mad Hatter himself. 

Booze-Infused Tea 

Who hasn’t sat through an afternoon meeting at work wishing they had a bit of booze by their side? And who ever said you couldn’t mix the two? These spirits-infused teas won’t be making your guests trip over themselves after the third or fourth cup, but it’s definitely the next best thing to an actual glass of vino—and sure to draw a few smiles.