Tech Takeaways That Will Impress Even Early Adopters

Wow attendees with the latest pocket-sized gizmos and gadgets

From livestreaming capabilities and virtual reality to “smart” anything and everything, incorporating the latest technology into your event isn’t just reserved for the big, wow-worthy moments in lighting and presentations––your attendees expect tech to be woven into nearly all aspects of the event. So don’t forget one of your meeting’s final moments: the takeaway gift.

A critical tool to leave a lasting impression after the event has passed, takeaways have traditionally been used to convey a final message to attendees. And while what to include in a “swag bag” runs the gamut, incorporating tech-savvy tools and gadgets helps to position your brand and organization as forward-thinking––no matter what type of event you hold. 

Here are a few digi-gifts to offer guests as takeaways, from the economical to the splurge-worthy.

For the Home Shopper

Ever feel that sudden jolt of annoyance when you realize you’ve neglected to replenish a key personal item on Amazon—be it vitamins or your hard-to-find shampoo—before running out completely? Us, too. While you could whip out your smartphone and make the transaction in a few clicks on, you can do it in a fraction of the time with one of the retailer’s “Dash” buttons. The pocket-sized gadget is just $5 and stays synced to a product of your choice—with every press of the button, you get an instant refill. For $20, you can get the Amazon Dash Wand, which scans an item’s bar code to add it to your shopping cart and is Alexa-enabled to respond to voice commands. 

For the Attendee Who Loses Everything

In a crowded, activity-filled Celebrate or Network event, you might have a higher-than-average influx of items funneling into the “lost” bin. A tech-inspired way to solve the problem the next time around? These item finders ($24) attach to your keychain (or pretty much anything else you own), sending location data to your phone at the press of a button. A great solution for anyone who mistakenly wanted to “call their keys.”  

For the Phone-Wielding Wanderer

For those of us continuously chained to Wi-Fi (which is pretty much everyone), the requirement to stay within range can be confining. Let your attendees roam free with a relatively inexpensive Wi-Fi extender (many models cost $30 or less), which plugs into a wall and boosts the wireless signal to cover some of those dead zones. 

For the Amateur Cinematographer

How many times have you caught attendees at a Network or Celebrate event excitedly discussing their latest trip or venture, while sharing the details on a tiny smartphone screen? Skip the mobile display in favor of a screen projector, which, as the name implies, can project a video or image from an iPhone onto a blank canvas. Despite being pocket-sized, these are still somewhat pricey, so reserve this gift as a prize giveaway for the event’s finale.