Technology That Will Up Your Presentation Game

Go beyond the basic PowerPoint presentation

From holding remote events with global attendees to devices that can track your guests’ emotions, event planning technology is a continuously evolving (and exciting) space. But as sexy as tech can be, the way we present information has remained remarkably similar for some time. 

Think about it: How many traditional PowerPoint presentations have you created over the course of your career? And of these, how many were a static listing of information over a projector screen? 

To be fair, there’s no doubting the effectiveness of slides as a presentation tool––the format’s longevity is a testament to this. But there are a plethora of unique, dynamic methods out there that can make your presentation even more impactful. From slide-commanding wearable tech to digital whiteboards, we list some of our favorites. 

Digital Whiteboards 

Looking to interact with your presentation directly? With digital whiteboards, an electronic, interactive display connects to your computer via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB or a serial port cable to mirror your screen directly. Unlike a traditional projector, these displays include touchscreen, annotation, drawing and highlighting capabilities with a pen. From Google Jamboard to VideoScribe to Microsoft Surface Hub (which is ideal for group collaboration), these types of tools are fairly affordable and widespread. 

Wearable Tech

As we’ve reported before, wearables can help event planners manage their messages, map out the day and even become fitter. Now, the much-hyped technology trend is making its way into presentations. For example, the Myo Gesture Control Armband allows wearers to navigate slides from Keynote, Prezi, Google Slides, Adobe Reader and PowerPoint with the flick of a wrist. Double-tap to move forward, wave in and hold to go backward, or make a fist and rotate to zoom. 


One of the most classic (and nostalgic) art forms is making its way into mainstream presentations with help from tools like PowToon. The software allows you to create a diverse range of animated content, from demos to how-to videos to traditional presentations. The best part? It’s a lot cheaper than enlisting the help of a professional illustrator. 

Integrate the Best of All Worlds 

Have an upcoming presentation that needs to incorporate multiple mediums, from Adobe PDFs to PowerPoint slides? SlideDog allows you to seamlessly integrate multiple file types into a single, cohesive multimedia presentation. Additionally, the tool has built-in engagement features that allow you to conduct polls with instantaneous feedback.