Think Outside the Box with Unique Centerpieces

Use custom props and uncommon pieces to create stunning centerpieces.

When you hear the word centerpiece, do you automatically think flowers? Certainly, they make beautiful and appropriate centerpieces for many events—but there are other options.

Think creatively and explore unique and nontraditional centerpieces for your next meeting space. They can serve as conversation starters and even as props for meeting elements, and they can customize a meeting experience unique to your event.

Birdcages: Birdcage centerpieces are a great way to incorporate unique and original design in a table setting. They are eye-catching and vintage and can be spray-painted or painted to match themes and color schemes.

Candles: Candles add light along with simple sophistication—and even a romantic touch. Candles themselves—and candleholders—can bring visual interest with color and height.

Mirrors: Not only do mirrors reflect light, they can also serve as a tray for other elements, such as candles or table numbers. You can also write table numbers or relevant quotes on the mirrors.

Balloons: Balloons are relatively inexpensive and immediately jazz up almost any environment. Anchor a single balloon from a plant basket or bundle many balloons together for a colorful display.

Tree branches: Tree branch centerpieces bring a bit of nature into the meeting—giving it a rustic, earthy feel. Hang small tea light candles in jars from the branches to incorporate extra light and further drive home that porch feel.

Illuminated objects: Add light to your centerpieces with illuminated vases or jars. Customize the color of the light to fit your color scheme and event space.

Food and beverage: Use colorful food and beverage items—in fun and unusual containers—as decorative table elements.

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