Throwing a Formula 1 Viewing Party to Remember

Learn how to host an unforgettable F1 viewing party with these top tips

The Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix is famous for its festival-like atmosphere, so why not capitalize on its energy and enthusiasm with your very own viewing party? Here are some top tips for throwing an F1 party to remember:

Select the Right Venue

Your first big consideration is deciding where to host the party. If you’re looking to celebrate in style, the JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach is a beautiful location that strikes a perfect balance between art and heritage. In addition to its fantastic ambiance, the JW Marriott South Beach also has the added benefit of being a location that overlooks Turn 7. Look for a similar location that offers event hosting right next to the action. But if being near the track isn’t an option, your venue should still facilitate the viewing experience so everyone in attendance can get a clear view of the race. Having a dedicated screening room is a big advantage, especially when there’s ample space for food and drink and enough room for guests to comfortably mingle.


To capture the mood of the event, send F1-themed invites. Whether you focus on attention to detail or simply include a few cars in the design, you’ll set the tone for a great event ahead.

F1-Themed Food

Preparing a buffet is a great way to get people in the spirit, as guests will appreciate nibbles they can enjoy and pass around while watching the race. For a more unifying experience, you should incorporate the F1 theme as much as possible. Try serving cakes with F1 imagery, or use serviettes and dishes with racing flags or bowls on them. Get creative wherever you can, because food is a great opportunity to showcase your theme.

Racing Simulator

Take things to the next level with your very own race car simulator. As is usually the case when people watch something, they’ll want to give it a go themselves, so why not delight your guests with an authentic car seat, driving wheel, gear stick and pedals? This is a unique way to get recognition and encourage some friendly rivalry. Create a competition to raise the excitement level at your event and award the winner a bottle of Champagne—just like the pros!

Pit Stops/Commercial Breaks

If you’re wondering how to keep your guests engaged during downtime, you can introduce planned activities like games and icebreakers. Trivia questions and Q&A’s are a brilliant way to break the monotony, and as an additional incentive, you can even offer prizes. Small touches like this are a great way to show you’ve gone that extra mile, while stimulating your audience and increasing engagement.

Post-Race Celebration

When the race has finished, it’s time to party! Your guests will be excited about the race, so get the food and drink flowing and perhaps play some music to bring the evening to a close. This is where a calmer venue really shines, as guests can relax after experiencing all the intensity of an F1 race.

Try a location like Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel’s The Other Room, where guests can unwind in a cozy speakeasy setting while chatting and networking with fellow F1 enthusiasts. And if you’re looking for a great location to host your F1 viewing party that lets guests see the action in person, consider JW Marriott Hotel Singapore South Beach. With breathtaking panoramic views of Singapore, guests can view all the action of Turn 7 with a cocktail in hand before they take a cooling dip in the rooftop infinity pool.